Effortless Vision. Immediate Benefits.

Unity’s progressive office lenses take the strain out of working at the computer. They also offer improved readability on digital displays and improved ergonomic comfort.

Special technology calculates your intermediate and near zones. You can get down to business the second you sit at your computer. This ultra-fast adaptation provides reduced visual strain and fatigue and improved readability on digital displays.

Unity offers a streamlined portfolio of two working distances, making it easy to customize and match lens choices with every workplace.

Easy to Customize

A streamlined portfolio of two working distances makes it easy to match lens choice with each patient's workplace needs.

  • 5 Ft. – Computer work, desk work, reading, writing, etc.
  • 10 Ft. – Computer work, inventory, visitor reception, meetings, etc.

Intelligent Technology

  • Posture Fit Technology: Optimizes ergonomics and comfort for the wearer regardless of add power.
  • Variable Inset Technology: Delivers a near point that is accurately calculated for a larger, more comfortable reading area.
  • Automatic Reading Height Optimization: Automatically customized for every PD, fitting height, and frame style with a generous reading area that always fits inside the frame.
  • Digital Viewpoint Technology: Optimizes vision at every point in the lens and reduces peripheral distortion.
  • Advanced Fit Technology: Allows the wearer to more easily find intermediate and near areas at their preferred reading distance. This results in more natural posture and unsurpassed visual comfort.
  • Surface Power Optimization: Ensures a higher level of prescription accuracy compared to conventional lenses.